New York’s First LGBTQ+

Friendly Elder Housing

One of the most important decisions we make as elders is where we’re going to live. For all older people, finding a place that is safe, accessible, and affordable is often a challenge. Older LGBTQ+ people must also find a place that’s welcoming of who they are, where they can feel free to be themself, and be treated respectfully and compassionately. That’s why SAGE’s National LGBTQ+ Elder Housing Initiative is addressing these challenges on several fronts by:

  • Building LGBTQ+-friendly housing in New York City
  • Advocating nationally against housing discrimination
  • Training eldercare providers to be LGBTQ+ culturally competent
  • Educating you about your housing rights
  • Helping builders across the U.S. replicate LGBTQ+-friendly housing

Stonewall House in Fort Greene

Located in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood, Stonewall House is the largest LGBTQ+friendly elder housing development in the country and the first ever to open in New York City. SAGEServes operates SAGE Center Brooklyn at Stonewall House on the ground floor.

The property is named “Stonewall House” in honor of the 1969 uprising that is often cited as the beginning of the modern LGBTQ+ liberation movement, which just marked the 50th anniversary of the event.

This project was made possible through our partnership with BFC Partners in Brooklyn. More details can be found on SAGE’s site.

Crotona Pride House 


SAGE’s Crotona Pride House is a brand-new, LGBTQ+ welcoming, affordable elder housing development in the Bronx.

These gorgeous one-bedroom and studio apartments are specially designated for individuals and couples who are 62 years and older and income-qualified for affordable housing in New York City.

The building also houses SAGE Center Bronx at Crotona Pride House, which provides health and cultural programs, meal services, and a computer lab.

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