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Today, SAGE advocates with and on behalf of LGBTQ+ elders nationwide. We operate five bustling, activity-filled SAGE Centers in New York City, and our affiliate network programs events and services throughout the U.S. that are specifically geared toward the older LGBTQ+ community. We’ve built affordable LGBTQ-welcoming housing in NYC, and we’ve trained over 100,000 care providers across the U.S. on how to best meet the needs of the nation’s large and growing LGBTQ+ elder population.

And we are now a somewhat larger group of passionate, dedicated employees in locations across the country.

Michael Adams

Chief Executive Officer

He/ Him

Michael Adams is the Chief Executive Officer of SAGE (Advocacy and Services for LGBTQ+ Elders), the world’s largest and oldest organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ+ older people.

Lynn Faria

Executive Vice President

She/ Her/ They/ Them

Lynn Faria is the Executive Vice President at SAGE, where she leads SAGE’s Development and Policy teams. Prior to joining SAGE, Faria worked in senior leadership roles at the Empire State Pride Agenda (New York’s statewide LGBTQ+ advocacy organization), serving as Development Director, Deputy Executive Director, and Interim Executive Director

Darcy Connors

Executive Director

She/ Her

Darcy Connors is the Executive Director of SAGEServes, where she leads SAGE’s flagship community services and housing-based services programs including care management, LGBTQ-friendly housing, behavioral health, outreach programs, and SAGE Center programming.


Paul Ortiz


Senior Director of Programs & Services

Bill Gross

He/ Him

Director of Special Programs

Debra Knight

He/ Him

Site Director, SAGE Center Harlem

Irene Tsikitas


Director of Care Management Services

Shawn Odle


Director of Resident Services, NYC Housing Initiative


She/ Her

Adrian Stivala, He/Him, Program Coordinator
Aliya Norton, She/Her, Tenant Coordinator
Antonio Berryman, He/Him, Administrative Manager
Arnold Lewis, He/Him, Administrative Coordinator for Care Management
Ashu Sahni, She/Her, Concierge, Edie Windsor SAGE Center
Bob Gurecki, He/Him, SAGE Center Food Service Coordinator
Brandon White, He/Him, Care Manager
Bryan Ellicott, He/Him/They/Them, Program Manager SAGEVets
Carol Carteciano, They/Them, Program Assistant, SAGE Harlem
Cherise Sherriffe, She/Her, Program Coordinator, SAGE Center Bronx
Daniel Puerto, He/Him/El, Manager of Outreach and Community Engagement
Debra Knight, She/Her, Site Director, SAGE Center Harlem
Dorian Palumbo, She/Her, Compliance Manager
Eric Manuel Cordova, He/Him, Care Management Benefit Specialist
Esteban Estrada, He/Him, Front Desk Concierge
Fadonte Freeman, He/Him, Program Assistant- SAGE Center Bronx @ the Crotona Pride House
Gennesis Sierra, She/Her, Health Equity Initiative Program Coordinator, SAGE Center Harlem
Hector Delgado, He/Him, Assistant Housing Director
Ildiko Kovacs, She/Her, Administrative Program Coordinator, Edie Windsor SAGE Center
Janella Valencia, She/Her, Care Manager
Jessica Soto, She/Her, Care Manager, SAGE Miami Services for LGBTQ + Elders
Joanna Rivera, She/Her, Manager of Transgender and Non-Binary (TGNB) Outreach and Community Engagement
Joey Costello, He/Him, Assistant Director of Care Management
Jose Roman, He/Him, Program Coordinator, SAGE Center Bronx
Joseph Petrillo, He/Him, Facilities Maintenance Coordinator
Joshua Tweedy, He/Him/They/Them, Program Coordinator Health & Wellness, Edie Windsor SAGE Center
Josue Garcia, He/They/She, Outreach Specialist
Jude Young, He/Him/They/Them, Program Coordinator – Stonewall
Julie Ugoretz, She/Her/They/Them, Friendly Visitor Program Manager
Liz Kinports, She/Her, Care Manager
Maria Serrano, She/Her, Housing Specialist
Matthew Alvarez, He/Him/She/Her, Care Manager
Natalie Gonzalez, She/Her, Program Coordinator, Stonewall House
Neeta Daryani Gropper, She/Her, Executive Assistant
Noreen Samantha Bautista, She/Her, Care Manager-Harlem/Staten Island
Randy Moreno, He/Him, Program Assistant – Edie Windsor Center
Raquel Miller, She/Her, Tenant Coordinator
Reyno Francisco, He/Him, Case Manager
Robin Robinson, They/Them, TGNB Support Case Manager
Roy Inman, He/Him, Data Entry Coordinator
Sophie Tamayo, She/They, Care Manager at Edie Windsor SAGE Center
Taisha Aguilar, She/Her/They/Them, Assistant Director of Case Management
Tess Dreizen, She/Her, Administrative Coordinator

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